Living Through the Greek Crisis

An explanation…

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Well I must say this is a difficult task, blogging. I am not used to it at all. Although I am excited to see how many views or comments I might have received working out how to make the site appealing, easy to use for me and you who reads my blogs. I have spent hours changing the look and trying to add things.So please be patient with me. For the time being just enjoy the good and the bad of what is happening as I try to survive this crisis.

Because I have began this blog through my university I want to just re-blog what I have already written. However, my wonderful professor is not going to allow me to do this… Therefore, from today somehow I will begin again with the daily issues I am facing here.


Author: Pamela Ann

Greetings, I am a single mother of five, who has chosen to widen her children's eyes to the fact that the world is not just the luxury countries they are used to (Japan and the US). We left everything we know to move to Greece. A country with a first world life style on a second world salary. With this adventure we have ended up trying to survive the financial crisis here. Living on bare necessities hoping things will change soon. Although I am a beginner at blogging please bare with me as I find my way. I promise to keep you entertained, informed with real events that you can not get in the news and perhaps break your heart a little along the way. Thank you for taking the time to share in someone else's reality. One you may not possibly be able to comprehend as it is hard for me and my children to comprehend as well.

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