Living Through the Greek Crisis


I have started this blog because my professor has begged me to. At first, I was skeptical to go live due to the racism that is unfolding here in Greece. However, my professor insists this is a story that needs to be shared publically.  A true version of what is really happening here in Greece as we face exiting the Euro and the possibility of bankruptcy. My intentions are to share the daily life experiences of myself and my children, the good and the bad. I will do my best to back up the happenings with news reports on the sidebar with links from the Athens News.

There is an introduction piece about myself and how I got to Greece. Please feel free to ask any question that interest you further. There is also a bit more detail in the author section of every post.

I hope that this blog will generate the career of a lifetime opportunity for me. As I have spent years working backwards finally getting to the point of realization that even though I have a lived a very spoilt life (don’t get me wrong, I have worked hard) and am now about to live in a third world country if they go under. My biggest desire is to find my way into the non-profit world assisting in curing global poverty.

Again thank you for living my life through this blog…

Here are a few pictures of us.


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