Living Through the Greek Crisis

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The Good with the Bad-I’m still here

It has been more that a month since I last posted something. Now where do I begin?

I think I will start with the bad;

On my last post I got a really bad feed back and I was so upset that I really wanted to send him and email to answer to all that he had said. However, I didn’t waste my time. I took what he had to say into consideration and I will say this; I try very hard to back up what I say with sources although I may not write my personal posts according to his standards or anyone’s for that matter they are my posts. He accused me of reading other peoples blogs and then plagiarizing.

Funny thing if you ask my friends on FB I am the worst friend you could have! I’ll post something just to let everyone know we are alive but I never bother to look at anyone else’s FB. (I know shame on me I am trying to be better about that!)

The stories I tell are my stories and my daily experiences and in Greece everyone’s story is different and every law applies differently to everyone.

I attend University so I think I’m good on NOT plagiarizing!

I want to tell my story! I am in desperate need of help not accusations.

So I am not sure if I have much good to say but  I will post some pictures that make it look like everything is ok…

We will be with out a home any day now and everything is piling up on us! I wait for what will be left of my financial aid in order to pay back all the money I have borrowed just to survive until now. I really needed that money to survive a little longer and have money to move. Unfortunately, there will be nothing left.

I have put an add for someone to help with a home here until I can get back on my feet but I have had no responses. I know be realistic Pamela-everyone is in the same situation!

Yesterday was my daughters 10th birthday it broke my heart that I barely had money to even make her a cake. But they are so good and so unselfish that hurts me even more! I know they stay cool just to keep me good. Amazing children.

My wonderful son came to visit with his girlfriend (who is also amazing) this is part of the reason I didn’t post. We haven’t seen him in two years. It was the most incredible feeling to have him near and before you knew it they had to go. I wanted to run back to be  near him, because he is alone and suffering as we do here and there is nothing I can do to help him or us.

You may ask why don’t you go back if things are so bad in Greece? Stefanos and I have gone over this many times. But to go back where and with what? I don’t have anyone to help me nor a job. We sit around often freaking out where we will get money to eat for a day and yes we need money to get started somewhere else, to move or pay something. But more importantly we just need a job. That’s all something so simple a job. Not with an extravagant salary enough to survive. Two very talented people with no hope at all.

I think I will end here….

Here is a picture I want to share with you…. I know it  looks like we are have the perfect life but if you only knew the story behind the clothes alone.